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Published 25-06-18


Location: East Coast
33 UBI Avenue 3, #06-62 Vertex Tower A, Singapore - 408868


Housemaid Agency portal provides genuine first hand information about the available maid bio-data from their respective Maid Agencies in Singapore. This Maid Agency portal offers its viewer/prospective maid employers whoever looking for a maid in singapore, a huge database of maid bio-data equipped with very relevant information to narrow down the search and ultimately shortlist the prospective maid of their choice.

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33 UBI Avenue 3,
#06-62 Vertex Tower A,
Singapore - 408868

Tel    : +65 6742 5044
Fax    : +65 6742 9044
Mobile  : +65 3151 0441

Email : [email protected]
Web  :

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