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Published 03-02-18


Location: Novena
84,syed alwi road , Mustafa center, singapore


Our Friendly Professional Staff are always on hand to offer advice and assistance with each and every aspect of your meal.
Saravanabhavan is the very best in South Indian and Asian vegetarian food. Do come to our restaurant to eat the top Asian nutriment with a variety of choices
Also, we provide catering services that have a wide variety of excellent nourishment for your guests within the shortest period time. you enjoy the finest recipe. Impressive set up that will wow your visitor.
Dining amidst a relaxed yet contemporary ambiance with a touch of spirituality.

Unique preparation style – food is freshly prepared and served on the spot  minute.
Hundreds of exciting items on the menu – you will never be bored!

Customize your sustenance the way you want – our service staff will be more than happy to help you with your request.

Top notch quality – we source the world for the best and freshest ingredients and our chefs never stint on quality.
. Business Hours
  (9.A.M. to 11.30 P.M (Sunday -Thursday)

  9.A.M. to 12 mid night (Friday, Saturday)
        & Public  Holiday
Reach Us By Email
  [email protected]

  [email protected]
84,syed alwi road , Mustafa Center (Exit 5) Singapore - 207663
  +65 629 707 70

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