indian restaurant in Westgate shopping mall

Published 09-07-18


Location: Serangoon
#1 Hindoo Road, Singapore - 209105
65 62965575


Cuisine in India is vast and wide ranging as it is a multi ethnic culture. Indian cuisines varying from region to region, different regions adapting different cuisine, Anjappargives an opportunity for people to explore, in order to embark successfully on this journey of expansion.
Address info
Anjappar restaurant,
76,race course road,
contact info
+65 6296 5545
+65 62965575
[email protected]

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of which the Chettinad pepper chicken is a specialty. Along with hot and spicy dishes, the cuisine consists of an array of vegetarian dishes. The cuisine will surely be a delight for those who like hot and spicy non-vegetarian dishes. Most of the dishes… Serangoon

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SUCCESS Create fond memories for our guests and each other. LEGACY Establish a benefit to the guest, the restaurant or the company that outlives us. Address info Anjappar restaurant, 76,race course road, singapore-218575 contact info +65 6296 5545 +65… Serangoon

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