Affordable Packaging Materials Good for Your Moving/Storage Purpose.

Published 23-10-18


AA Removal Delivery Service Sell Packaging Materials
Packing Tapes
Color scotch tape= $3.50
Thin transparent scotch tape= $3
Thick transparent scotch tape=$3.50
Masking tape 2inch= $3
Masking tape 1.5inch= $2.50
Masking tape 1inch= $2
Plastic Wrap
Black plastic wrap= $20
Clear plastic wrap= $15
Small white plastic wrap= $7
Bubble Wrap Size & Cost
100ft X 20inch= $25
300ft X 20inch= $35
300ft X 40inch= $55
300ft X 60inch= $75
Carton Boxes
38 x 35 x 35cm – $3/pc
48 x 32 x 32cm – $3.70/pc
56 x 35 x 38cm – $4/pc
50 x 40 x 50cm – $4.50/pc
76 x 37 x 37cm – $4.50/pc
81 x 74 x 81cm – $20/pc
38 x 38 x 43cm – $2.50/pc
Foam nuggets
Full bag= $43
Half Bag= $30
1 box(pillow size)= $30
Glass Paper Wrap
Glass paper wrap (500sheets) L-21.5inch X W-15.5inch = $20
Glass paper wrap (500sheets) W-21.5inch X L-31inch = $40
Packing Services
20 delivery charge for purchases less than $50
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