Published 28-06-20

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Trim Fast Keto burning fat we're doing exercise called getting ready for the beach we're doing an exercise called Hey look at all those reactions that my friends when they see the brand new me that's the name of exercise we're doing today I've never even heard of armchair burpees have you I've heard of looking better though all right 30 seconds halfway there keep moving so proud of you right now so proud of keep going come on prove to me that you need it come on show me that you want that brand-new body keep going ten seconds you'll write there five three stop now you get a long 45 second brief I think we got two more right is that right two more I don't know like I said you should be angry that this workout is almost over you should be angry that you can't spend more time looking better and look if you truly need to look better like I said when this runs over you're gonna hit the rewind button and do it all over again alright the very least you might take a two-hour three-hour four-hour break

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