Ubi share sitting room $220 (No owner)

Price SGD220.00
Published 01-07-18
Furnished Yes


Location: Ubi
Blk 351 Ubi ave 1 Singapore 400351


Ubi share sitting room for male $220 (for rent Singaporean only) This is share sitting room(living room)With big
cabinet,locker,TV,ceiling fan,The kitchen specifically with (two available toilet.No need waiting) refrigerator, washing machine ,bathroom with water-heater.Allow cooking (provide gas).Include water,electric,high speed wi-fi.Walk 4 min to Eunos MRT. Walk 2 min.toUbi MRT station.

Downstars with food court,Park.

24 hours entry/exit..(Owner not live here)
Call 86539482 owner to view it.

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