Circuit Board Shields factory

Circuit Board Shields factory  We supply variety of customized shield cans, and most of them are used for preventing Electro-Magnetic Interference(EMI) to shield for the components and LCM on printed circuit board. We are able to build new dies and also produce precise stamping parts for clients according to their part files. Our average development cycle to build a new die is 15-20 days, and we can make prototypes for clients in free of charge. So that both the parties can get benefit from each other to achieve a win-win situation.

Most of the shield cans are one piece shield. But for the convenient maintenance to the internal electric components in the future, two-piece shield cans can be used. The shield cans that we produce, their flatness on the bottom can be guaranteed in 0.05mm[0.002鈥漖 and we usually use the materials that can be easily tin plated for customer鈥檚 parts.
The EMI shielding cans that we supply to clients usually use the materials of nickel silver and pre-plated tin steel and their thicknesses are mainly from 0.15mm[0.006鈥漖 to 0.30mm[0.012鈥漖. We can also provide other materials like we produce the shielding cover with stainless steel and shielding frame with pre-plated tin phosphor bronze and so on.
We supply the shielding cans to customers and package the one piece shield and shielding frame with tape and reel packaging, and the shielding cover with PE bag in bulk. Based on client鈥檚 demands, we can use other packaging methods like blister tray to make sure the good quality being consistent from production, packaging to delivery.
Our company has years of experience in producing shield cans, and our designers and tool makers are very professional with full of rich experience. And all of the fatctors of experience and team including the precise processing equipment guarantee the excellent product quality for customers. Our production processes and quality control are executed strictly as per the ISO9001 quality management system.
Besides to supply the domestic market, the shielding cans we produce mainly sell to USA and Europe. We welcome your engineering drawings and samples for any RFQ, and we are sincerely looking forward to cooperating with you soon!Circuit Board Shields factory

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