Published 15-05-19


Keto 6tm To remove the belly is not necessary to eat cabbage, salads. You can lose weight with the usual for us buckwheat, meat, fish and eggs. This is with regard to nutrition. Let's summarize and answer the question of how to lose weight without a diet and remove the stomach? 1. Losing weight is not using special diets can and should be a transition to proper nutrition, compliance with the right amount of protein, fat and carbohydrates, as well as the total amount of calories. 2. Ensure that the total calories received for ducks in the body does not exceed the energy expended. 3. Spend more than eat - lose 100%. 4. Do not give preference only to exercises that are designed to work out the press or locally affect the stomach. Fat leaves all places at the same time and in the same amount. 5. Combine workouts in the gym with cardio exercises and primitive weight loss exercises that involve more energy wasting by the body due to intense burning of daily calories... To lose weight, diet is not important, in the first place there is a balance between the calories received and spent. They spent more than they got- they lost weight, in the reverse process they gained weight. Diet weight part 1 anabolic nutrition - the most effective methods of writing, thanks to which the process of muscle growth in your body starts as much as possible. This process requires a large amount of resources and time. Energy - these are nutrients and calories, due to which the mass gathering process starts. The other component is the bricks from which muscle arrays will be built. Where to get the necessary resources? For example, plants grow and develop due to photosynthesis, which, in turn, requires the presence of water, carbon dioxide and the like. Regarding the person, he takes all the energy for the structure of the muscles from food. Excess kilocalories the first and most important rule: in order to grow, a bodybuilder will definitely need an excess of kilocalories. Getting nutrient nutrients should exceed their consumption, both in training and during the day. If the building is large, then more energy is expended on its erection and for its further maintenance.

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