DXN Code Strike 2020 – Does This Product Really Work ?

Published 15-02-20


dxn code strike it's because it's inflammatory and so it causes like all the hormones every organ every cell to be inflamed and angry and freaking out Wow no it's powerful right it's powerful has anybody been to our class when we do the sugar quiz and you see the 142 reasons why sugars ruining your health handout so if you go back and look at it you're gonna see all sorts of hormone imbalance issues on there you're gonna see everything that we listed on page one as far as like the signs which becomes a hormone imbalance listed on the sugar sheet low-fat diets so the low-fat diet is because you don't have the fat molecules to make hormones do you actually need fat and fat soluble vitamins to make hormones so that all those old like low fat diets and all the low fat and people are still afraid of fat that's why it's critical to be on fat and we are not proponents that all fat is equal right so I'm not talking about you know unhealthy fats or high fat like McDonald's type stuff for you know over-the-counter sweets and things that you typically associate with fat that's why people are like oh my gosh I can't believe you're telling me to eat fat we're talking about I will Cano and coconut oil and olives and you know salmon and fresh fish grass-fed if you're doing meat grass-fed beef and the quality of the proteins has a lot to do with and just what identifying what food item yo

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