Trim Fast Keto

Trim Fast Keto
Published 27-06-20


Trim Fast Keto dick man what if your dick could die but the rest of your body would still be alive whoo I guess that's kind of what erectile dysfunction is as your dicks just not functioning I might as well be dead not doing anything but you know opening its little mouth hole so you can pee once in a while and even then some guys struggle with peeing dude like with prostate problems and shit when you get older you ever gone into a bathroom okay this is probably not for ladies but for you guys like you're gone into a bathroom and you get in there and there's an old dude pissing at the stall and they're they're just trying to squeeze it sounds like they're trying to pass a kidney stone first of all they're like and you you know it's a smaller bathroom so there's only a couple urinals so you move over one away from them but you're still hearing that hearing them right next to you struggling so hard and you hear the triple - it's not a strong stream it's not a strong stream at all actually it's a very light stream and they're such a pain on their faces um it's really disturbing because you know you think you're gonna be older or you probably gonna be old unless you've died in a tragic accident right and that migh

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