Teach wisely! Get certificated with TEFL courses in South Africa

Published 13-04-18

Teacher Training Asia

Location: Chinatown
50 ​Chin Swee Road #09-04 T​hong Chai Building,S​ingapore 169874


Let the bays of Capetown lead you through the door to succeed as an educator once you areglobally certificated with TEFL courses in South Africa. Asian College of Teachers (ACT)has earned the international repute of accommodating certificate/diploma/ pg diploma courseseffectively through their online mode. Easily accessible to learn the newer teachingtechniques, grammar, and phonetics people can make payment online and get the studymaterials designed to teach online. Get applied through https://www.teachertrainingasia.com/teacher-training- africa.php.If curious, drop us an email at [email protected]    : 50 ​Chin Swee Road #09-04 T​hong Chai Building,S​ingapore 169874Or, ring us at +65-31631068/+91 9073678985Contact Person: Suhita Paul

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