Very Affordable New and Used Carton Boxes Good For Your Moving/Storage Purpose

Published 21-01-19


Location: Choa Chu Kang


A & A Removal & Delivery Services Offers The Following Sizes of Carton Boxes
38x35x35cm=$3 per pc
48x32x32cm = $3.70 per pc
56x35x38cm = $4 per pc
50x40x50cm = $4.50 per pc
76x37x37cm = $4.50 per pc
81x74x81cm = $20 per pc
38x38x43cm = $2.50 per pc
Free Delivery For 20pcs and up order
Delivery charge if carton purchased is less than 20pcs is $20
Give us a call now for more information and get a Free quotation.
Enquiry box :
CALL : 90229049
SMS or WHATSAPP : 90229049
Email : [email protected]
Please ask for or attention to Joanne
Contact Us – AA Removal Delivery Services
We also provide more removal related services:
Van / Lorry / Disposal / Trolley Rental / Storage / Furniture Repair
We are a friendly and reliable REMOVAL SERVICE COMPANY

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