Dyslexia Tuition

Price SGD179,098.00
Published 04-07-18


Location: Sembawang
111, North Bridge Road. #21-01, Peninsula Plaza. Singapore 179098.


What are the signs?
Most people associate dyslexia with mirror writing - that is writing letters in reversal e.g writing b as d. This however is just one sign and does not occur in all cases. Other problems experienced by dyslexics include:
Difficulty learning to speak
Poor reading ability, despite exposure to books at a younger age
Lots of misspellings, even of common words, eg 'blue' for 'bule', 'does' for 'dose', 'god' for 'dog', 'b' for 'd', 'p' for 'q'
Weak working memory. Difficulty remembering telephone numbers, lists of instructions and taking notes in class
Uncertain of left and right
Problems copying, from the board or book
Poor handwriting
This is 'HELLO' for '0773H'. What is your thought?
Not all those who have difficulties with these skills are dyslexic. A formal psychological testing is the only way to confirm a diagnosis of suspected dyslexia.
Visit: https:/www.stanfordtuition.com

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