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At present, wearing a mask is considered to be one of the effective means to prevent the spread of new coronavirus. However, there are many types of masks on the market, what is the difference between them? How to choose correctly, and what are the precautions in use? Let's find out together: KN95 and other masks can effectively prevent new coronaviruses. If you are a medical worker or a person who often enters a high-risk area, you need to wear a medical mask. If it is daily protection, the protection level of industrial dust and particle masks is relatively high. The protection level of disposable nursing masks is slightly lower.
KN95 disposable mask / Let's fight with Covid-19
* Filtration rate: 鈮?5%
* Standard: GB2626-2006 KN 95
* Type: Earhook
* White color
* Packing: 50pieces/ Box 40 boxes
* Storage conditions: temperature from -20oC to 38oC
1. The design fits closely, forming a seal between the face and the face mask, forcing air through the filter.
2. The protective mask is made of high-quality cotton, melt-blown filter material and non-woven fabric.
3. Easy to breathe
4. The 4-layer protective layer can resist 95% of non-oily particles, dust, pollen, smoke and other pollutants.
5. Highly elastic ears have sufficient elasticity to seal well, without tightness, and slow breathing resistance.
6. With adjustable mirror nose to ensure correct installationKN95 Face Mask suppliers


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