Name: C5 C9Hydrocarbon Resins, Petroleum resin C9, Hydroleum Resin; CAS NO: 64742-16-1;
EINECS No.265-116-8
Appearance: white or yellow granular solid fragile, easy to generate dust, non-toxic, tasteless, non-flammable and explosive.
Color (in 50% Toluene)3-64-5
Soften Point (DC)80-90;100+/-5;110+/-5;120+/-5;130+/-5;over 13080-90; 90-100; 100-110; 110-120
Acid value (mgKOH/g)0.5max0.5max
Iodine value (g I2/100g)60-12020/120
Ash value0.1% max0.1% max
Petroleum resin has good viscosity increasing, compatibility, thermal stability and light stability, and can improve the adhesive performance of adhesiveness, and is an indispensable viscosity increasing component of many adhesives. Widely used in industries such as hot melt, pressure-sensitive adhesives, structure and decoration of the construction industry, automobile assembly, tires, commodity packaging, book binding, sanitary products, shoemaking, hot-melt road marking paint, colored asphalt, etc.
25kg per plastic woven bag.25 MT per 20' container
Storage: dry, cool, avoid direct sunlight;
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